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5S, Lean and Safety Products

Prevent Everyday Hazards Our free-standing A-Frame Signs provide a fast and effective way to display temporary safety information or other important messages. Strategically place A-Frame Signs for maximum visibility, indoor or outdoor, and quickly reposition as needed. Click below to download the Visual Workplace document: A-Frame Signs — Prevent Everyday Hazards

How “Smart” are Your Floors? Visual controls are essential to creating real-time feedback and sustaining continuous improvement. Only with the use of visual management tools and products, can the workplace become intuitive, productive and expose waste. Visual Workplace Inc. offers a wide variety of products to support your 5S, Lean and Visual Management initiatives. Click […]

Showing the Way During an Emergency Glow-in-the-dark signs and path markers help employees safely find their way during power failure, building fires with smoke, natural disasters and other emergencies. Click below to download the Visual Workplace document: Glow-in-the-Dark Signage

A Cost-Effective Solution to Error-Proof Gauges Ideal for quickly identifying gauge and inspection parameters and specifications to increase productivity and quality control! Click below to download the Visual Workplace document: Gauge Marking Vinyl

Enhance Your Message with Contour Cut Signboard Shapes Visual Workplace is now offering affordable, contour-cut signs in any shape you need to create a striking, attention-grabbing effect! Click below to download the Visual Workplace document: Contour Cut Signs

Create High Impact Schedules and Charts Making grids for dry erase boards can be big challenge. Tape can be messy. Hand drawn grids don’t work. Now, there is a quick and easy way to make your grids in a snap. Click below to download the Visual Workplace document: Quick Grids — because your whiteboard is […]

Putting Everything in its Place No more time spent searching. Shadow-Mark® is great for standardizing the location of tools needed for quality inspection, setup and process changeover, cleaning stations, break rooms, offices, mailrooms, maintenance areas and more. Click below to download the Visual Workplace document: Shadow-Mark — Putting Everything in its Place

Are you embarking on a 5S program as part of Lean implementation, or are you mid-stream in these efforts and looking ways to accelerate your progress? Visual Workplace offers a 5S Kit to jump-start your program along with educational resources. 5S Kit includes: Ÿ 5S Red Tags Ÿ Red Tag Area Sign Ÿ Shadow-Mark Ÿ […]

A safe workplace is a visual workplace—an environment that speaks for itself by using: Production schedules Company communication Training matrices Safety practices Quality standards Continuous improvement plans and cost reductions Is this information visible and understood by operators? Does this information compare the goal to actual performance? Can operators react in real-time to variances or […]

Reinforcing Work Instructions with Visual Controls Direct behavior more effectively by adding labels and documents to your signage. Click below to download the Visual Workplace document: Using Labels and Documents to Create Effective Visual Controls

You won’t get LEAN until you get VISUAL!

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