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5S, Lean and Safety Products

A safe workplace is a visual workplace—an environment that speaks for itself by using:

  • Production schedulesScoreboards
  • Company communication
  • Training matrices
  • Safety practices
  • Quality standards
  • Continuous improvement plans and cost reductions

Is this information visible and understood by operators?

Does this information compare the goal to actual performance?

Can operators react in real-time to variances or changes in priorities with this information?

On the flip side, are unscheduled machine downtime, errors and inefficiencies tracked, reviewed and the costs displayed?

If you answered, “no” or “not sure,” to any of these questions, click here to download our Scoreboards PDF, which highlights opportunities for improvements in your facility and provides examples of how other companies use scoreboards in their operations.

Click here to download a Single Point Lesson to Create Scoreboard Data Accountability.

This article is part of the December 2014 issue of our Get Organized! Get Visual! eNewsletter. To view additional articles in this issue, go to these links:

You won’t get LEAN until you get VISUAL!

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