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5S, Lean and Safety Products

Glow Floor Decals: Reduce Injury and Danger Glow Floor Decals clearly illuminate exits and pathways in the case of a power failure or other emergencies.

The Improvement Kata pattern is a better way for learning and developing the capabilities of our most valuable resource: our employees. Shigeo Shingo noted that continuous improvement means trying something we’ve not done before — treading into unexplored territory. Yet, most organizations task employees with entering into uncharted waters as if it is already familiar. […]

Create safe pathways using photo-luminescent floor decals to clearly illuminate aisles, walls, exits and stairwells during power failures, building fires with smoke, natural disasters and other low-light emergencies. Visual Workplace now offers 3.5” Glow Circles (with or without arrows) and 1”x4’ Glow Strips to help reduce injury and danger in your workplace. Our Glow Floor […]

Visual work environments drive discipline and engage employees to solve problems. Marking your floors with borders and symbols is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add visual control and organization to your work environment. You can clearly define work areas, production, direction, shipping lanes, emergency exits and more. Strategies for creating location standards: […]

Corner Joiners: Create 3 and 4 Sided Signs Use our Corner Joiner Kits to connect sheets of PVC, corrugated board or other semi-rigid substrates to create 3- and 4-sided displays. Great way to draw attention to your safety messages, directional signs, welcome signs and special events.

You won’t get LEAN until you get VISUAL!

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