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ManagementKaizenDVDGBMP, famous for their Toast Kaizen DVD, recently produced a new Management Engagement Series. Management Kaizen highlighted today is the third installment of this series.

It seems that Kaizen can be anywhere where work is done. The Japanese word Gemba is used to denote “The real place, the place where the work is done.” Gemba may be the shop floor of a factory, the operating room of a hospital or even the showroom floor of an auto dealer. According to Lean thinking, if we want to make improvements in any of these diverse environments we have to “Go to the Gemba” to understand the problems.

So it is with management. There is a Gemba for management’s work. A real place where problems are observed and improvements are made. Where can we find it? Its evidence is in our factories, offices and boardrooms. But its essence is in the constructs that management has built to align the actions and behavior of the entire workforce: strategy, organization and policy. These are the building blocks of the status quo.

This video provides key steps that Management can take to make an environment favorable for Continuous Improvement.

Click here to get your copy of the Management Kaizen.

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