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5S, Lean and Safety Products

If you are like most, your graphics are hand-made and take an enormous amount of time to create! We have a simple, inexpensive way to create full-color, dynamic, dry erase boards… Dry Erase Overlays. We will custom print your design on a durable acrylic overlay that is framed with a magnetic or adhesive strip which […]

5S is a valuable tool to begin creating an organized workplace. Our 5S Facilitator Guide is designed to support and improve the effectiveness of your 5S program whether you are just starting or need to reinvent it. This guide will provide you with: 5S Project Checklist Concrete examples from different environments Acquaintance with effective 5S […]

Monument, electronic, and pylon signs can be designed to match your organization’s unique logo and style to establish a lasting impression. Communicate with your customers and create a statement about your business or organization with exterior signage. Let your community know who you are! View Examples Get Started This article is part of the May […]

Achieve professional sign hanging results by learning to choose the right technique and product to display your signs. Consistent methods and products will give your facility a clean, professional look. Click to download the Visual Workplace whitepaper:  Sign Hanging Techniques for Professional Results This article is part of the May 2016 issue of our Get […]

A Visual Workplace Engages Employees In order to successfully create a visual workplace, you must educate your team about the principles of Visual Management and provide them with the right tools. In a culture of Visual Management, waste becomes visible and improvements become sustainable. Our PDF guide discusses: Principles of Visual Management Results of a […]

Creating a Safe Work Environment Did you know that 83% of what we learn is visual? Learning is essential to safety and should be continual. Visuals should be utilized in the workplace to direct behavior the same way they direct us in our daily life. To successfully create a safe work environment you must reinforce […]

Improving Safety through Visual Management Strategically placing visual management controls and displays at the point of use to emphasize critical actions can help to improve the safety of your facility. This article will provide some specific recommendations how to use visual management techniques to improve safety. Click below to go to the article written by […]

Metrics to Measure Success Is there an opportunity in your facility to incorporate safety and workplace organization metrics together? Are safety audits visually posted and discussed with your team? Is your safety team clearly identified and your organization’s performance displayed? Visual Workplace products and training resources provide all the tools you need to foster visual […]

Visual Information is Essential to Make Safe Decisions in Your Facility Visual Workplace products and training resources provide all the tools you need to foster visual management processes in your facility. More importantly, these fast and easy-to-use resources will engage your staff to actively participate in continuous improvement for your company by creating a visual […]

Create a Framework for Visual Problem Solving The focus of Visual Problem Solving is establishing a framework that can be bolted onto huddle meetings and used as data collection for information and agenda items for process improvement. Click below to download the Visual Workplace whitepaper: Visual Problem Solving

You won’t get LEAN until you get VISUAL!

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