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Floor-Mark® Floor Marking Tape

Direct behavior and reinforce standards with Smart Floors!

Marking floors is one of the fastest and easiest ways to promote safety and increase productivity in a workplace. Not only will floor markings communicate what is supposed to happen, they will reinforce the standards in your workplace. Compared to traditional tape and paint, Floor-Mark® brand floor marking tape is superior in installation, durability and maintenance.

Benefits of Floor-Mark® Safety Floor Marking Tape

  • Won’t curl, stretch or snag like tape
  • Peel & stick for fast and easy application
  • Cover with clear Floor-Mark® for added durability
  • No chemicals needed for removal like paint

Floor Marking Tape

High Performance Solid Floor Marking Tape

High Performance Floor Tape

Recommended for Heavy Traffic Areas
High traffic floor tapes for harsh industrial workplace conditions. Floor-Mark High Performance was designed to outperform paint and is the best choice for high traffic environments. It will withstand heavy forklift traffic, truck traffic and pallet placement, as well as low traffic pedestrian routes.

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Standard Solid Floor Marking Tape

Standard Floor Marking Tape

Recommended for Light Traffic Areas
Floor-Mark® Solid Floor Marking Tape outperforms standard tapes and is a thin, durable profile designed specifically for industrial environment; withstands traffic such as forklifts, floor scrubbers. Won’t stretch or fade. Marking floors is one of the fastest and easiest ways to direct behavior and create visual communication in your work environment.

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Reflective Floor Marking Tape

Reflective Floor Tape

Reflective floor tape provides high visibility to increase safety. Don’t overlook the need to illustrate the importance of noticing an object or when it should be avoided. With many color options available, reflective floor tapes are essential to create a safe work environment. Excellent for fleet and vehicle markings, poles, columns, buildings and fences to provide bounce back reflectivity.

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Slip Resistant Floor Marking Tape

Slip Resistant Floor Tape

Slip Resistant Floor Tape provides an effective way to combine the ability to see the potential hazard with a non-slip surface. The durable slip resistant floor tape has a 46-grit aluminum oxide compound with UV protection to prevent color fade.

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Striped Floor Marking Tape

Striped Floor Tape

Floor-Mark® Striped Floor Tape is an excellent way to emphasize safety requirements and workplace standards. With the striped floor tape, color codes can be established to identify abnormal situations and drive corrective action. For many industries, safety standards are prescribed by regulatory agencies to standardize the visual communication for hazards, cautions, directing behavior in emergencies, and many other necessary situations. By creating a “Smart” floor, safety and process standards are communicated and reinforced.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Floor Marking Tape

Glow-in-the-Dark Floor Tape

Glow Floor-Mark® is a peel and stick, glow-in-the-dark floor marking tape to help building and vehicular occupants safely find their way in the dark at night, during power failure, building fire with smoke, natural disasters and other emergencies.

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Clear Floor Marking Tape

Clear Floor Tape

The use of commonly recognized color codes is an important facet to creating effective safety and work flow performance standards. Protect your floor tape by placing Floor-Mark® Clear Floor Tape over the solid and stripped floor markings for added durability.

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