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Tool Shadow Boards

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Reduce waste with custom tool shadow boards placed directly at the point of use. We provide many options for creating tool shadows. You can create your own tool shadow boards using Shadow-Mark and pegboard or let us custom print a design you approve. Either way, you get a tool shadow board that is durable and looks professional.

Benefits of Tool Shadow Boards

  • Quickly identify missing items
  • Sustain workplace organization
  • Not just limited to tools
  • Color code everything
  • Customizing is completely free
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Tool Shadows & Tool Shadow Boards

Custom Printed Tool Shadow Boards

Custom Tool Shadow Boards

Let us design and print a custom tool shadow board. Wall-mount and mobile options available and include hardware. Add your logo, department or other custom graphic.

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5S Cleaning Stations

5S Cleaning Stations

Get your team excited about 5S and maintaining a clean workplace with printed 5S Tool Shadow Boards! Tool shadow boards eliminate time spent searching and reduce the replacement costs of cleaning tools that seems to always disappear.

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Shadow-Mark Tool Shadow Tape

Shadow-Mark® Tool Shadow Tape

Shadow-Mark tool shadow tape is a quick and easy method to designate a specific location for every item in your workplace. Simply TRACE, CUT and PLACE. Eliminate time spent searching. Shadow-Mark is available in multiple colors so you can color code while creating professional tool shadows.

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Pre Cut Tool Shadows

Pre-Cut Tool Shadows

Our full-size, pre-cut vinyl shadows make it easy to create your own professional shadow boards to support 5S and visual management. Shadow boards allow you to quickly identify what tools are available and reduce time spent searching.

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Foam Tool Shadows

Custom Foam Tool Shadows

Shadow Boards create processes that need less human effort, less space, and less time to make products at far less costs and with fewer defects, and enable 5S work environments to sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain what is needed.

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Foam Tool Organizer

DIY Foam Tool Organizer

Create tool control with Do-It-Yourself foam tool organizers. Foam Tool Organizers are a two-piece closed-cell foam kit with three contrasting color combinations to quickly identify when tools are not in their proper place.

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Durable polypropylene pegboard, 1/4” thick, holes 1” OC, weather and corrosion resistant. Round holes accommodate traditional pegboard hooks.

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Pegboard Accessories

Pegboard Accessories

Tool Holders accommodate a variety of tools so they are organized and easily accessible. 26pc.and 96pc.kits are available.

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