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Floor-Mark Product

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We obtained samples of Floor-Mark at a trade show and experimented with it. We have been using an industry accepted, competitor product for years, but find that after their tape “scuffs,” it’s difficult to remove and replace. Floor-Mark is quickly removed with a heat gun (or hair dryer) and is much easier to apply and maintain than anything else we have used so far. We “experiment” with the layouts of a new implementation until we find the “sweet spot” for each item. Floor-Mark facilitates that process and allows us to achieve greater results, faster than before. We recommend Floor-Mark to anyone who is serious about achieving and sustaining a strong 5S Plus Safety Program in their business!

J.R    X-Stream

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The Floor-Mark product is working very well with the zone marking and product safety corridor layout. The forklift drivers have managed to find ways of obliterating sections of the tape, but true to the advertizing, the tape simply tears at the stress point and doesn’t pull up the whole length. Repairs to the damaged section are so quick and easy it’s almost fun fixing the damage from an inattentive driver.

Andrew    Blackhawk Molding-Chicago

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