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Mobile In-House Sign Shop®

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Visual Workplace was very thorough, personable, and patient. I feel as though I can use the software unsupported at this time, but I may have a question that pops up in the future. Visual Workplace assured me he or someone will always be available and happy to assist me with any questions I might have. He was an excellent facilitator. Thanks!

Tammy    Clearwater Paper

The Mobile In-House Sign Shop has enabled us to standardize many daily processes in a short period of time. The visual communication within our facility has gone way beyond the next level and our employees come up with new ideas each and every day. Training and support from the Staff at Visual Workplace Inc has been a tremendous help getting us up and running. We are only limited by our vision and imagination.

Ken    Continuous Improvement Supervisor    Bristol Inudstries

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We track all cost savings projects through a company wide database and the Mobile sign Shop has gained a lot of attention from the savings it produces as well as the visual transformation seen from our leadership. Our Franklin facility has already purchased the machine and our Elkland facility will be next. It has become a Best Practice and will be made mandatory in each plant. Here at Metamora, we are utilizing the machine to produce various safety and directional signage. it is one of our best tools for promoting and maintaining awareness among Tapco Group employees as well as a subtle training program. Using this Mobile Sign shop we were able to drive our TCIR rate towards our goal of 4.59. We also minimized our recordable injuries.

Paul    The Tapco Group

Thank you to VWP for making the sign template and spending time on the phone to help me make a great sign! It amazes me that VWP can help someone over the phone, that has never made a sign, and make the process simple. I believe VWP has succeeded in taking a difficult process and making it simple for someone who has never seen a sign made and can now build one easily!

Calvin    Amcor

We tried making our own corners with tape and paint. We had to pain over it every time something changed. We tried colored tape from Grainger. It was very stretchy and difficult to use. It only lasted a few days. Then we tried Brady’s pre-cut corners. This was fast and easy, but VERY expensive for a factory of our size. Our old ACE manager called and told us about the Mobile In-House Sign Shop from Visual Workplace. By coincidence, one of our engineers was at a show and saw the Sign Shop in action and was impressed. We looked into it and found that we could save money by making our own corners very easily. Now we make our corners very inexpensively. We are very excited with the system and all its different uses. I would recommend the Sign Shop to any factory trying to cut costs and promote good 5S.

Renee    ACE Pilot    Carrier Transicold, Athens, GA

We use the Mobile In-House Sign Shop to make many types of signs. If you lack the talent to draw your own vision, there are sign templates to help you out. The Visual Workplace support team can also help.

Dawn    Magna Mirrors of America, Inc.

We highly recommend the Sign Shop and use it for 5S and all other visuals. We make own circles, corners, tool shadows, assignments boards, and safety signs. Every aisle and every area is marked. Our floor signs are still in good shape after one year of foot and fork lift traffic.

Jennifer    Lean Mfg. Coordinator    Crown Equipment, New Bremen, OH

The Mobile In-House Sign Shop has become part of the Pactiv culture. It’s cost effective, user-friendly and quick turn-around.

Tina    Pactiv-Temple, Texas Plant

We needed to create signs that could be duplicated from facility to facility so people can enter any facility and feel as though it mirrors their own plant. This way they can easily maneuver around any facility because it is the exactly the same. The MIHSS has made this task easy for us. By making a sign and saving the template, we can simply and instantly create a sign exactly like the original. This way, all of our facilities are 5S complete.

Chris    Warehouse Supervisor    Este Lauder-Bristol, PA

To support LEAN initiatives, we purchased the MIHSS because in the past we had ordered signs from another company. We now can do them ourselves, the way we want them, and they’re done right away. The MIHSS was purchased to avoid ordering them at a higher price, therefore saving money. This system also saves us time. This week we created over forty signs that label areas of the floor assembly-line belts. All of the resources for this line have been labeled so that anyone can find that particular area. (This has increased production through being able to find, fix and continue production in a timely manner.)

Chris    Warehouse Supervisor    Este Lauder-Bristol, PA

Using the Mobile In-House Sign Shop is convenient because we can create our own signs without any waiting time. (For example: When job positions shift, we can quickly create a new and accurate sign for that teacher, subject and classroom. Because these templates can be saved with our logo, the sign can be made in a matter of minutes.)

Tom    Principal    St. John Vianney Elementary & Middle School

I can now create organized and durable signs instead of drawing them on poster-board! They’re so durable I can use them each year! They remain fresh and colorful! No more faded, bent, worn-out looking signs! My classroom is beautiful!

Stephanie    Teacher    St. John Vianney Elementary & Middle School

The Mobile In House Sign Shop has enabled Catholic Central to produce high quality professional looking signs that have enhanced the functionality and look of our school. The system is easy to use and will pay for itself in a short period of time. I would highly recommend it to any school.

Jennifer    Booster's Volunteer    Grand Rapids Catholic Central High School

The VWP Mobile In-House Sign Shop system gives you the ability to determine what kind of sign you need, what it needs to say, what colors you need, and the ability to produce the sign in a couple of minutes.

Chris    GBMP

The loss of momentum while waiting for an external printer to produce any of your visuals is just not acceptable in today’s world. The Mobile In-House Sign Shop from Visual Workplace provides a very cost-effective option for small, medium or large companies to facilitate their Continuous Improvement activities.

Jim    Pratt & Whitney

We priced a sign with our vendor, where we have preferred pricing due to the volume of business we do with them. Even with the pricing advantage, the Mobile In-House Sign Shop system produced a sign at 1/3 the cost of our vendor, and the sign we made in-house looks a lot better.


The Visual Workplace Sign Shop has helped improve vital communication within our establishment with ease.

Christopher    McCain

I have been making signs using the In-House Sign Shop for the past 4 years. I really like the system and clipart for making my signs come life. Clipart adds color to the signs and makes them eye catching when you walk by. We use a lot of PPE here and I can pull the visual as well as the words to bring attention to the importance of the signs. VWP offers excellent Tech support when I need help and the staff is friendly when I order supplies.
Thanks again for all you do to make my job a lot easier.

Becky    Campbell Soup Supply

Always good to hear from anyone at Visual Workplace. Everyone I have been in contact with is a pleasant experience. Thanks to the Sign Shop tool, two areas of our plant have been recognized as a best practice and best visual management.

Greg    Mgr. Continuous Improvement    Emerson-Monticello

I have been trying out the In-House Sign Shop without any training and it is very user friendly!

Raymond    General Cable

I am moving on from Kalas, but want to mention that I truly enjoyed working with VWP and making signs using the Mobile In-House Sign Shop. The system paid for itself! At my next job, I plan to justify having a Sign Shop. Thank you for all your support!

Cheryl    Admin Asst    Ducommon LaBarge Technologies

The Sign Shop has done wonders for us here. We have had small projects and big projects. It makes a big difference on the looks -vs- a laminated piece of paper, very professional, that really helps us. I would be lost not having it.

Linda    BRF Plant 5S Champion    Regal Beloit Corporation, Electric Motors Group, Leeson

I wanted to let you know that the circus graphics you provided were wonderful! I really appreciate the fast response that you gave to me. I would say that by far you and your company have shown a great customer relationship. I look forward to the new and exciting ideas that you have to share.

Ginger    Lean Implementation Tech    Regal Beloit - Leeson

The Mobile In-House Sign Shop is working perfectly and I have already cut what has been requested by our organization so far. I love to receive your Visual tTips emails. Thanks so much for your constant support.

Ivette    PE, Engineer Sr., ACE Coordinator, BPO    Hamilton Sundstrand of Puerto Rico

Sign-making is going GREAT! I’ve found the assistance at Visual Workplace to be extremely helpful and supportive!


We use the Mobile In-House Sign Shop to make many types of signs. If you lack the talent to draw your own vision, there are sign templates to help you out. The Visual Workplace support team can also help.

Dawn    Magna Mirrors of America, Inc.

The Sign Shop helped us to fill orders for changes on the same day instead of waiting on an outside source. We have trained other Pactiv locations on how to use the Sign Shop system since we are so happy with the results. The MIHSS is now part of the Pactiv culture. It’s cost effective, user-friendly and quick turn-around.

Tina    Pactiv-Temple, Texas Plant

The Sign Shop made our Lean implementation much faster. Our plant is more efficient and organized, even though we have a long ways to go. We have noticed quite a large savings already.

Mark    Continuous Improvement Manager    Batesville Casket-Vicksburg

The Sign Shop system is reliable and produces very high quality signs in a short period of time. We are able to put out a lot of signs in a days time. The software is user-friendly and the Tech. Support team is excellent. Human Resources will begin using the system to make banners to promote events and company successes.

Robert    Continuous Improvement Engineer    Grede Foundries

Thank you for the continued advice and ideas using our Mobile In-House Sign Shop. It is nice to have a vendor who cares so much for the product and services they provide.

Matthew    Manufacturing Manager    Trilogy Plastics

You won’t get LEAN until you get VISUAL!

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