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My team really enjoyed your sign shop training and the value that it has added to our operations. I really appreciate your time and making the training fun and exciting for our operators. The support you provided will really help us in our 5S journey.

Gordon    Continuous Improvement Manager    Johnson Controls Inc.

Visual Workplace was very thorough, personable, and patient. I feel as though I can use the software unsupported at this time, but I may have a question that pops up in the future. Visual Workplace assured me he or someone will always be available and happy to assist me with any questions I might have. He was an excellent facilitator. Thanks!

Tammy    Clearwater Paper

We had a great training experience and it was done very expertly and professionally in order to start us on the path to making visual signs & tools.

Brad    Senior Manufacturing Engineer    Unified Brands

Visual Workplace did a great job and it was nice to be taught something from someone passionate about their job. (it’s a lot easier for me to stay awake J) I think this tool will help our efforts of changing culture.

Scott    Structural Concepts

I truly enjoyed the training. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject. The instructor was very detailed in explaining the steps involved in sign-making. Will recommend this training and instructor

Tameka    Chrysler

I have been bragging about your excellent tech support and training. I highly recommend VWP products and services!

Ron    Production Superintendent    Dopaco-Kinston

During Training, I learned that there is so much more that we can use the Sign Shop for throughout our entire company! Thank you VWP!

Cheryl    Admin Asst    Ducommon LaBarge Technologies

The training was extremely helpful! I’ve already made 20 signs. Without Eric, Meghan and Stephanie (people I have directly spoken to at Visual Workplace), I would not be able to produce visually-appealing signs. I highly recommend VWP services and products!

Bridgette    Marketing Project Leader    Lynx, Inc

Stephanie made her teaching very easy to understand so it was really quick to catch on. She also gave us tips and was always asking us if we had any questions about the technique. I already had a course with her and she definitely is an expert in visual workplace. I also learned how to make signs more durable and straight. Stephanie also helped me navigate through the website, gave me insight in how to use visuals and troubleshooting, not only in the software, but in the signs.

Carlos    Process Engineer    Barry Callebaut

The Crash Course training was very informative. I learned to use the different types of material necessary to make all type of signs.

Bosco    Lean Leader/Black Belt 5    GE Aviation

Stephanie is an excellent trainer and explained the process at a pace we could easily follow. The crash course is very informative and well delivered. I learned about additional types of signs which can be made on magnetic, on glass, etc.

Sam    IS Tech Support    Hershey Candy

Training was very helpful. I especially liked the sign template options that Stephanie showed us on the website. The templates will help save time as we convert our shop floor into a more visual workplace using appropriate signage. Stephanie was very personable during her training. She accepted our humor and made the training fun while at the same time informative. It was a lot of information to take in at once. Her one on one attention and patience has given me initiative to want to learn more and create bigger and better signs. Stephanie shares her secrets she has learned over the years during her training sessions. I look forward to more Webinar training with Stephanie!

Don    CI Manager,    Hershey Candy

I enjoyed the Sign Shop Webinar and had a pleasant experience. I was able to ask a couple of extra questions and am looking forward to taking more Webinar courses!

Rachael    Admin Asst    The Tech Group

I was impressed with how simple and easy the training was for the Mobile In-House Sign Shop. Also, the trainer was very professional & very easy to follow.

Jose    Production Improvement Facilitator    SWRMC

I attended a FREE VWP Sign Shop Training Webinar where I learned how to make large format signs and banners. They showed us really handy techniques so we could make the signs a little easier.

Craig    CI Manager    Nordco

Onsite training is very beneficial. Not only did the VWP trainer know the equipment and system, but went out of his way to make sure trainees understood the processes being covered. The trainer also made us aware of webinars and other support whenever we needed it.

Bo    Manufacturing Manager    Ecu Assembly

Stephanie was an awesome trainer & I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of Sign Shop Training. Thank you for all of your assistance! It has been a pleasure working with you and Visual Workplace.

Whitney    Human Resources Assistant    CPI Malibu Division

The training went smoothly. I am impressed with the amount of support Visual Workplace provides.

Dan    Emerson

Whenever we call you, your team is always very helpful and we appreciate it. You really do a nice job there at Visual Workplace.

Jim    Exopac, Hazelton

The Mobile In-House Sign Shop training went GREAT! I have been vry impressed with Visual Workplace, especially customer support. I will never hesitate to call and ask a question.

Jason    Intern    CJB Industries

The training to make signs went great; it was very helpful. We have already used 3 rolls of of vinyl and have made signs and floor markings.

Renee    ACE Pilot    Carrier Transicold, Athens, GA

You won’t get LEAN until you get VISUAL!

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