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Lockout/Tagout Padlocks, Devices, Security Seals & Storage

Comply with OSHA regulations and keep employees safe by making equipment inoperable—LOCK IT OUT!

Controlling hazardous energy with a Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) system is an important component of maintaining a safe work environment and protects employees from injury or death that could occur if equipment isn't safety turned off. Energy used to power mechanical, hydraulic, thermal, electrical, pneumatic, water, and other systems needs to be locked out to stop the release of hazardous energy when performing equipment repairs and maintenance. A stored energy release can cause environmental hazards, catastrophic injures and death.

Visual Workplace offers padlocks, lockout devices, tags, labels, hasps, and other devices to support your LOTO system to maintain a safe work environment.

Benefits of Lockout/Tagout Implementation

  • OSHA compliant
  • Clearly communicates risk in the workplace
  • Provides safety while performing maintenance
  • Prevention of injuries, damage and errors



Protection for any lockout application
Used with hasps and other lockout devices, these padlocks provide a level of protection to the workforce. They come in many sizes and materials. Can be keyed in multiple ways.

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Ideal when maintenance requires multiple workers on locked out equipment 
Using Hasp devices is an easy and effective way to lock out main power switches and energy sources to avoid accidentally restarting machines during maintenance or service. Only when maintenance is fully complete, the last worker takes off his or her padlock and releases the main switch.

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0063 250x250

Security Seals

One-Way Locks Provide Tamper-Evidence
Once a Security Seal is removed, it is broken and cannot be reused. To prevent seals from being replaced by like-versions, all seals are numerically coded with random-start numbering and recorded for security purposes, making them tamper-resistant.

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Find the device that works
Products designed for specific lockout jobs. This can be gas cylinders, valves, cables, lights, circuit breakers and many more.

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