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Visual Boards

Communicate Effectively with KPI, Huddle, and Production Boards

Visual Boards

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Gray Calendar Visual Board

Calendar – Gray, 24″ x 24″


Keeping You Informed Dry Erase Board & Overlay

Keeping You Informed, 36″x 48″


Ward Info - Staff Caring For You On Dry Erase Board & Overlay

Ward Info – Staff Caring For You On, 36″x 48″


Maintenance & Standards Dry Erase Board & Overlay

Maintenance & Standards, 36″x 48″


Welcome to the Emergency Department Dry Erase Board & Overlay

Welcome to the Emergency Department Info Board, 36″x 48″


Team Huddle Department Time Overlay or Dry Erase Board

Team Huddle Department Time, 36″x 48″


Our Fight Against COVID-19 Dry Erase Board & Overlay

During Our Fight Against COVID-19, 24″x36″


Healthcare Workers Proud Strong Teamwork Dry Erase Board & Overlay

Healthcare Workers Proud Strong Teamwork, 24″x36″


Patient Comfort Dry Erase Board and Overlay

Patient Comfort (Purple), 36″x24″


Patient Care Dry Erase Board & Overlay

Patient Care Board (Green), 36″x24″


Calendar+Notes Vertical Dry Erase Board and Overlay

Calendar + Notes, 36″x24″


Daily Huddle Overlay

Daily Huddle


Production Calendar Overlay

Production Calendar w/ Notes


Construction Job Scheduler Overlay

Construction Job Scheduler


In/Out Planner Overlay

In/Out Planner


Leader Standard Visual Board

Leader Standard, 36″x 48″


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