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Employee Signs

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Quality Assurance Quarantine Area

Quality Assurance Quarantine Area


Facility - Authorized Employees Only

Restricted Area: Authorized Employees Only


Face Mask Required Correctly Sign

Face Mask Required – Correctly


Safety Guru Sign

Safety Guru


Always Watch Out for Others Sign

Always Watch Out For Others


Social Distancing - Couple arrows

Social Distancing – Couple Arrows


Social Distancing, Occupancy Limited to _ People

Occupancy Limited to ___ People


American Flag Hard Hat Decal

USA Flag

MSRP:  $9.89

Grunge Wash Hands Sign

Wash Those Hands – Grunge


Flush TP Only Sign

Please Flush Toilet Paper Only!


Face Masks Dos and Donts Sign

Face Mask Do Don’t


Do Your Part Wear Mask Sign

Do Your Part – Wear Mask


Hand Washing Effectiveness

Effective Wash Hands


Handwashing Song Sign

Wash Hands Song


Restroom Occupancy Sign

Social Distancing: Restroom Occupancy


Locker Room Occupancy Sign

Social Distancing: Locker Room Occupancy


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