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Tool Organization

Tool Organization Solutions for a Productive and Organized Workplace

Tool Organization

Quickly identify missing items and sustain a lean, organized workplace with pre-made tool shadow boards, color-coded cleaning stations, and pre-cut tool shadows. Use our DIY foam tool organizer or create your own tool shadows with our Shadow-Mark ® tool shadow tape.

Need a custom tool organization solution? We can customize any tool board configuration you need at no additional cost… satisfaction guaranteed – click here to begin.

  • Color-code everything
  • Multiple cost-effective material options
  • 100% customizable at NO ADDITIONAL COST
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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2 1/2″ Single Rod 30º Bend, 10 ct

MSRP:  $14.67

Broom Holder, 2.5″W x 1.5″H

MSRP:  $4.90

2 3/4 ” Double Rod 80º Bend, 10 ct

MSRP:  $18.63

Bottle Holder


2-3/4″ Single Rod 90 Degree Bend Hook

MSRP:  $14.99

Pegboard Hanging Kit, 95pc

MSRP:  $113.66

5 3/4″ Double Rod 80º Bend, 10 ct

MSRP:  $25.35

Single Glove Box Holder

MSRP:  $16.74

1 In. Single Rod 30 Degree Bend Hook

MSRP:  $14.23

Pegboard Hanging Kit, 26pc

MSRP:  $29.37

Multi Magnet 16.625″ H x 0.875″ W

MSRP:  $22.51

6″ Single Rod 30º Bend, 10 ct

MSRP:  $16.52

3/4″ ID Double Ring Tool Holder

MSRP:  $17.93

8″ Single Rod 30º Bend, 5 ct

MSRP:  $15.13

2 1/4″L and 2″ID Curved, 10 ct

MSRP:  $16.12

3/4″-1 1/4″ Extended Spring Clip

MSRP:  $17.44

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