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NEW Lean Training Game! “The Dice Game: Gambling with your Company”

The purpose of “The Dice Game – Gambling with your Company” is to simply and easily illustrate for your employees the difference between “push” and “pull” processing using poker chips and dice.

In a push system, processes in the value stream are not well synchronized and the ability to satisfy customers is literally left to chance. In the game, after illustrating the failures of a push system, a pull system is introduced as a countermeasure to appropriately link and synchronize processes to customer demand. “Chance” is thereby eliminated and the benefits of pull processing are observed.

Our game contains everything you need – 600 chips, 30 dice, score sheets, instructions and a valuable DVD, that also works great as a stand-alone training tool.

Extremely illuminating and educational and also a lot of fun and at times totally hilarious – the game provides many “A-HA moments” to inspire and motivate you and your team to stop gambling with your company.

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