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Uttana – A3 – Problem Solving

A3 – Problem Solving

A3 problem solving was originally developed at Toyota as a way to illustrate all information about a problem on one page for clear reference. This approach allows you to pinpoint the true root cause and discover the best solutions to the problem as a team. This DVD provides a thorough explanation of the A3 Problem Solving Method and walks you through the process of creating A3s.

Courses included:

Course 1 – An Introduction to A3 Problem Solving (3 Videos)
This is an introduction to the basic concepts of A3 problem solving. You will learn the key benefits of A3 that streamline your problem solving process as well as how A3s communicate the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle.

  • Video 1 – Introduction to A3
  • Video 2 – Defining A3
  • Video 3 – A3 and the PDCA Cycle

Course 2 – Filling out the Sections of an A3 (7 Videos)
An A3 is made up of different sections that represent different phases of the PDCA cycle. This course provides a step-by-step guide to filling out each section and explains how they guide the problem solving process.

  • Video 1 – A3 Problem Situation Section
  • Video 2 – A3 Target Section
  • Video 3 – A3 Theme Section
  • Video 4 – A3 Cause Analysis Section
  • Video 5 – A3 Countermeasure Section
  • Video 6 – A3 Implementation Section
  • Video 7 – A3 Follow-Up Section

Course 3 – Examples of A3s Used in Work Environments (2 Videos)
Problem solving on paper is a good first step, but these ideas have to be brought into the real world to make a difference. Course 3 will give you a more in-depth understanding by showing examples of how A3s are actually used in a variety of work environments.

  • Video 1 – Sample A3: The Office Environment
  • Video 2 – Sample A3: The Production Environment

Course 4 – How to Effectively Manage A3s Within Your Organization (2 Videos)
The final course demonstrates how A3 problem solving empowers people at all levels of an organization by helping them manage their time, take control of their work, and build a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Video 1 – Managing Your A3
  • Video 2 – Self Management Through A3

Number of videos – 14
Running length – 43:53

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