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Uttana – Standard Work – Developing and Supporting Standard Work

Standard Work – Developing and Supporting Standard Work

Understanding the value of standardized work is the first step, but it takes more than that to create and develop effective standards. This DVD will show you deeper tools and methodologies to create and continuously improve a well-rounded system of standardization for your organization.

Courses included:

Course 1 – Developing Standard Work (3 Videos)
The first course covers the three main areas of focus to begin developing your own system of standardized work.

  • Video 1 – Analysis
  • Video 2 – Waste Elimination
  • Video 3 – Standardization

Course 2 – The Supporting Elements of Standard Work (5 Videos)
The next course outlines the Lean tools and techniques that you will need to support standard work initiatives.

  • Video 1 – Kaizen Activity
  • Video 2 – Incorporating Maintenance into Standard Work
  • Video 3 – Standards and Quality
  • Video 4 – Training and Skills Evaluation
  • Video 5 – Standard Work Manual

Course 3 – The Essential Forms of Standard Work (4 Videos)
The final course walks you through how to fill out and utilize the standard forms that keep standard work programs on track.

  • Video 1 – Standard Work Forms – Parts Production Capacity Worktable
  • Video 2 – Standard Work Forms – Standard Work Combination Sheet
  • Video 3 – Standard Work Forms – Work Methods Chart
  • Video 4 – Standard Work Forms – Standard Work Sheet

Number of videos – 12
Running length – 30:44

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