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Uttana – Standard Work – Foundations of Standard Work

Standard Work – Foundations of Standard Work

Help your organization understand the true purpose of standardization by educating your workforce on the benefits they will enjoy. Many people mistakenly believe that standards are only written so people can be easily replaced. The truth is that writing down and developing standardized work allows people to put their energy toward new and exciting work. This DVD will show you how it is done.

Courses included:

Course 1 – The Importance of Standard Work (2 Videos)
The first course explains the true purpose of standard work

  • Video 1 – Overview of Standard Work
  • Video 2 – Why Standard Work

Course 2 – Defining Standard Work as a Complete System for Improvement (2 Videos)
In the next course, you will learn what standard work consists of and how it functions as a complete methodology.

  • Video 1 – What is Standard Work
  • Video 2 – Standard Work as a Complete Methodology

Course 3 – Foundational Elements of Standard Work (1 Video)
The final course details the three elements that make up an effective standardized work system.

  • Video 1 – The Three Elements of Standard Work

Number of videos – 5
Running length – 11:23

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