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Visual Hygiene Station, PPE & Sanitize, Dot Gradient

Prepare Your Workplace for a Safe and Successful Return

As we prepare to go back to work, when we finally do, Visual Communications will play a big role. We will try to make all the right choices like washing our hands more, coughing into our elbow, sneezing into a tissue, and use gel sanitizer or disinfectant wipes every few hours, but what are some ways employers can help their reinforce this as their workforce returns?

  • Provide masks & gloves
  • Take temperature checks
  • Provide sanitizing products the protective equipment

What else can employers do? Visual Hygiene Stations are the move effective way to keep employees safe that can be provided in visible locations in all areas of the facility. These protective tools should be everywhere from the main lobby, offices, restrooms, break rooms, manufacturing, operations to shipping and receiving. Visual reminders will drive prevention and stop future spread for a safe and hygienic workplace.

Customize your Visual Hygiene Station for no extra cost. Our design team can add your logo and customize your hygiene tools to your specific needs without paying extra.

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