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Visual Workplace – Visual Thinking

Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking: Creating Enterprise Excellence through the Technologies of the Visual Workplace

At last, a book that explains Workplace Visuality as a comprehensive strategy for eliminating waste (Dr. Galsworth calls it Motion), sustaining lean gains, and unifying and aligning the work culture.

Galsworth’s full-color book, Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking, positions the Technologies of the Visual Workplace where they belong-as a powerful partner to your company’s journey to excellence and a crucial ally of Lean. The outcome is dazzling bottom-line results and a spirited, unified and aligned work culture-a workforce of Visual Thinkers.

Galsworth delineates the progression of visual methods that build a fully-functioning visual work environment: Visual Order, Visual Standards, Visual Displays, Visual Metrics, visual problem solving, Visual Controls, visual pull systems, and Visual Guarantees (Poka-Yoke devices).

With 25 albums of actual visual solutions (over 200 full-color photographs) and 50 charts and frameworks, this book explains what it means to transform a company into a visual work environment-where timely, complete, and precise information enables the workforce to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking is Galsworth’s acclaimed Visual Thinking seminar in book form-and much, much more.

2006 Shingo Prize Research Recipient

Soft Cover: 254 pages, including 207 full-color photographs 50 full-color figures & charts

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MSRP:  $59.40

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