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5S, Lean and Safety Products

Colored-coded carts works well within Lean Manufacturing and 5S environments. Colors have been assigned in accordance with most common uses for these carts – however you can use any color, for any use, your company may need. Heavy duty carts are created for durability and long lasting performance. Add a custom decal and customize your […]

Creating engagement requires sharing information. Visually displaying this information creates transparency and will bring employee involvement into the problem solving process. The first step of employee engagement is creating ownership. Employees want to feel they are empowered to suggest change and execute improvement. When they feel they own it, the possibilities are endless. Use our […]

BYRON CENTER, MI – Visual Workplace, Inc. offers durable pre-made and custom glow-in-the-dark signs to ensure that critical information can be seen by building and vehicle personnel in the event of an emergency such as a power failure or building filled with smoke during a fire. Signs glow brightest for the first 60 minutes then […]

Are you using 5S as a tool to organize your workplace? The first step in this process is to remove all non-valued items and place them in a designated location. Is this area clearly identified? Are the disposition instructions available at a glance? For most companies, their 5S signage is usually hand-made and lacks professionalism. […]

Direct behavior with floor graphics using paint and floor stencils for more long lasting results. Each 24″ x 24″ sheet contains one 18″ graphic. Stencils are very easy to apply and last long with stencil spray ink. Designs Include: First Aid Forklift Traffic Do Not Enter Fire Exit Pallet Jack No Smoking Handicap Custom And […]

If you are just beginning your 5S/Visual Workplace journey, or are well on your way with your Lean implementation, this guide will be a very useful tool providing: 5S Project Checklist Concrete examples from different environments Acquaintance with effective 5S methods Key points to assure employee buy-in While 5S and Visual Management are among the […]

Free guides and info from Visual Workplace help companies assess their facilities BYRON CENTER, MI – Visual Workplace, Inc. offers “Visual Management Techniques to Define Organized, Productive, Safe Territories and Work Areas” – a free, downloadable PDF to help employers assess their facilities and create a safe workplace using visual management techniques. The guide touches […]

Magnetic Dry Erase Board Overlays How do you get the graphics you need to make your dry erase boards look professional and credible? We have the answer…Magnetic Dry Erase Board Overlays. The overlays are printed with your graphics on a thin, durable acrylic film with a magnetic frame that attaches to your dry erase board. […]

Gauge Marking Vinyl is a simple and cost-effective way for operators to quickly identify gauge and inspection parameters. Apply Gauge Marking Vinyl to error-proof Go-No-Go gauges, pressure/vacuum gauges, alignment/measurement gauges and other inspection tools to help maximize productivity and quality control. It’s available in red, green and yellow 12″ x 16″ sheets and 16”x10’ rolls. Apply […]

How do you get the graphics you need for your dry erase boards? If you are like most, they are hand-made and take an enormous amount of time to create! We have a simple, inexpensive way to create full-color; dynamic dry erase boards… Magnetic Overlays. We will custom print your design on a durable acrylic […]

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