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5S, Lean and Safety Products

BYRON CENTER, MI – Visual Workplace, Inc. offers high-impact safety signs – both premade and custom – for safer workplaces. Visual Workplace helps companies communicate standards and process changes, standardize workflow, reduce injury/danger, correct abnormal situations and sustain Lean operations with credible, consistent and professional signs. Signs are available in a variety of durable materials, […]

Prevent everyday hazards with our free-standing A-Frame Signs. They offer a fast and effective way to display temporary safety messages or other important safety information. Strategically place for maximum visibility and reposition as needed. Our A-Frame Signs are heavy-duty and fold flat for storage. Holds 2 − 18” x 24” sign inserts that are purchased […]

In order to improve the processes, we need to measure performance against the standard. Scoreboards assist your team in doing just that! The challenge for many organizations is how to display scoreboards, metrics, performance indicators and other feedback effectively. We have found a readily available product that can be used to create scoreboards easily and […]

A culture of continuous improvement begins with employee engagement and you can’t have employee engagement without Visual Management. By effectively implementing Visual Management, you will begin to expose problems. Exposing problems and waste everywhere through visual displays needs to be part of your cultural blueprint. It is impacted by what we accept, tolerate and reinforce. […]

Developing a visual and efficient place for the necessary items in the workplace and performing simplifying activities will help ensure the workplace is safe, efficient and effective. Floor decals are a great way to reinforce standard work. They can be color-coded to support existing work instructions. Keep your team safe by reinforcing what is supposed […]

Are you using 5S as a tool to organize your workplace? The first step in this process is to remove all non-valued items and place them in a designated location. Is this area clearly identified? Are the disposition instructions available at a glance? For most companies, their 5S signage is usually hand-made and lacks professionalism. […]

Banners are a great way to get your message noticed quickly, indoor and outdoor! Use a combination of eye-catching color, logos, clipart and bold statements to help to promote announcements, special events, motivational messages, incentives, welcoming guests, recognition and awards. •  Lightweight •  High-quality, full-color printed banner included •  Pre-assembled •  Portable •  Fast and […]

Whether you work in a factory, office, warehouse or hospital your workplace needs to be visual in order for it to be lean and productive.  Adding visual cues to your workplace will provide clear, high impact messages. Our Ready-to-Use Floor-Marking Symbols provide an immediate visual aid in high traffic areas. They will help you increase […]

Do you know where to go in case of an emergency? Can you say the same thing when the lights go out? When an emergency situation arises, planning and signage will be the difference between personal injury and being out of harm’s way. Visual Workplace offers a variety of pre-made glow-in-the-dark signs that will safely […]

Pre-Made Tool Shadows Our full-size, pre-cut vinyl tool shadows make it easy to create your own professional shadow boards to support 5S and Visual Management. Shadow boards allow you to quickly identify what tools are available and reduce time spent searching. Click below to download the Visual Workplace whitepaper: Pre-Made Tool Shadows

You won’t get LEAN until you get VISUAL!

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