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5S, Lean and Safety Products

Visual Workplace now offers full-size, pre-cut vinyl tool shadows to make it easy for you to create your own professional shadow boards to support 5S and Visual Management. Shadow boards allow you to quickly identify what tools are available and reduce time spent searching. Apply pre-cut shadows to most smooth surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, […]

The use of tool shadow boards provides an immediate visual aid that will increase productivity and improve overall workspace organization. Standardizing a work space with tool shadows will allow workers to quickly identify when items are missing or out of place, which eliminates time spent searching and sustains workplace organization. Use different color tool shadows […]

Corner Joiner Kits: Create 3- and 4-Sided Signs Use our Corner Joiner Kits to connect sheets of PVC, corrugated board or other semi-rigid substrates to create 3- and 4-sided displays. Great way to draw attention to your safety messages, directional signs, welcome signs and special events. Click below to download the Visual Workplace whitepaper: Corner […]

Visual Workplace Best Practices for Directional Signs 5S and visual workplace are among the first tools to be utilized in a lean implementation. Use our pre-printed 5S Signs to promote and reinforce your program. Click below to download the Visual Workplace whitepaper: Pre-Made 5S Signs Product Guide

Workplace Scoreboards offer a simple way to collect data and share information. In order to improve processes we need to measure performance against the standard. Scoreboards will assist your team in understanding the standard and improving the process. Our pre-designed Scoreboards are printed on white Plexiglass, which is a durable, long-lasting, non-magnetic material. If you […]

Every business uses visual tools and controls to manage workflow, improve safety, maximize productivity and minimize waste. Visual tools provide the answers to the countless questions that arise in the workplace at any given moment. Instead of people answering questions, the workplace answers questions. Visuals and signage are necessary in order to create and sustain […]

The focus of Visual Problem Solving is establishing a framework that can be bolted onto huddle meetings and used as data collection for information and agenda items for process improvement. In order to get actionable ideas you should be focusing on these 7 areas: Background Current Conditions Goals/Target Condition Analysis Proposed Countermeasures Plan Follow-Up and […]

Visual Information is Essential to Make Safe Decisions at Your Facility Make your facility safe — Make it visual!  Engage your staff to actively participate in continuous improvement for your company by creating a visual workplace. Success follows success. As your employees become educated on the principles of Visual Management, they’ll learn to see for […]

Visual Signals are Essential for Effective, Efficient Inventory Control Kaban is the Japanese term for card or signal. It has evolved as a Lean tool to manage inventory based upon customer demand. Traditional inventory systems “push” material from one operation/department to the next. As such, production runs are not based upon customer orders, but rather […]

Visual Process Controls Expose Problems and Drive Implementation Visual process controls are essential to creating real-time feedback. They are also an important component of continuous improvement and performance management. Focusing attention on improvement opportunities, the  quick and easy way to make headway is to identify abnormal processes. Without visual process control, waste is hidden and […]

You won’t get LEAN until you get VISUAL!

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