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Visual Sign Shop ROI Calculator

Use the ROI calculator below to determine if you'll save money using the Visual Sign Shop vs. buying your signs from a custom sign printer.


Cost to Make a Sign

Material Cost
Per Avg Sign
5 minute avg time per sq/ft of sign
Average Sq/Ft per Sign Total Cost
Per Sign
${{totalMaterialSqft}} ${{totalLabor.toFixed(2)}} {{sqft}} ${{totalMakeYourself.toFixed(2)}}

Vinyl Cost/Sqft: $1.09 + Signboard Cost/SqFt: $1.59 = $2.68

Cost to Purchase Sign

Material Cost
Per Average Sign
Labor Average Sq/Ft per Sign Total
${{msrpTotalMaterialCost.toFixed(2)}} $0.00 {{sqft}} ${{msrpTotalMaterialCost.toFixed(2)}}

Average Cost/Sqft to purchase a sign = $13.25

Return on Investment

Annual Cost to Purchase Signs Externally:


Initial Visual Sign Shop Investment:

${{proposed ? proposed.toFixed(2) : ''}}

Material for 64 Signs Included in Purchase Price:


Equipment Investment:


Payback on Equipment (Months):


Intangible Cost Savings Resulting From Visual Management Methods


  • Standardized visual communication and consistent business practices and procedures.
  • Worker accountability by defining normal vs. abnormal.
  • Workplace organization and employee moral.
  • Capacity of existing machinery and processes.


  • Safety by reinforcing standard procedures visually.
  • Inventory control by creating visual kanbans.
  • Quality control by placing instructions at the point of use.
  • Production control by displying hourly goal to actual performance.


  • Of transportation and motion with visual systems.
  • Of workspace and personnel requirements.
  • Of work related accidents.
  • Of time seeking information.

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