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Tips, tools and best practices to support your visual workplace

We provide online resources and support for our Mobile In-House Sign Shop users. Our goal is to keep you informed on the latest tips and techniques for making highly effective signs.

Smart Floors

Thursday, September 5th, 2019
2:00 PM EST /11:00 AM PST
Running time: 1 hour
Hosted by: Rhonda Kovera, Senior Industrial Engineer

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Visual Workplace Webinar Schedule

TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
10 Steps for Highly Effective Visuals8/20/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Grid Creation Learn how to create and apply a basic communication grid. [Running time: 30 Minutes]8/21/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Gauge-Marking Vinyl Learn how to use Gauge-Marking Vinyl to quickly and easily identify proper readings. [Running time: 15 Minutes]8/22/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Safety Signs How effective are the safety signs in your facility? Best practice ideas to create a safe workplace using the MIHSS. [Running time: 30 Minutes]8/27/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Floor Graphics Learn how to design, apply and protect graphics on flooring surfaces. [Running time: 20 Minutes]8/28/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Color Coding New ideas to put color to work in your facility.8/29/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Smart Floors9/5/20192:00pm EDT1 hour

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