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We provide online resources and support for our Mobile In-House Sign Shop users. Our goal is to keep you informed on the latest tips and techniques for making highly effective signs.

Standard Work

Thursday, November14th, 2019
2:00 PM EST /11:00 AM PST
Running time: 1 hour
Hosted by: Rhonda Kovera, Senior Industrial Engineer

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Visual Workplace Webinar Schedule

TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
Floor Graphics Learn how to design, apply and protect graphics on flooring surfaces. [Running time: 20 Minutes]10/22/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Multi-Colored Signs Learn how to add contrast with multi-colored clip art or logos for your sign. [Running time: 30 Minutes]10/23/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Banner Creation Learn how to manipulate text, import logos/clip-art as well as special cutting techniques. [Running time: 20 minutes]10/23/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Scoreboards Learn how to communicate the correct message in your facility. [Running time: 20 Minutes]10/24/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Standard Work Make Standard Work a Way of Life
Teach your team the value of standard work
Standard work gives us the baseline for creating improvement. In order to create a culture of improvement we must agree on the way in which want to work. Standard work creates that agreement in our workplaces and allows us to see opportunities for improvement.
11/14/20192:00pm EST1 hour

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