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Visual Management Webinars

From Chaos to Order

Implementing tool control in your workplace is essential for creating a baseline for continuous improvement and will eliminate many wastes.  As we try to implement a lean culture, it is important to provide the proper tools when and where they are needed at every moment.

Smart Floors

Marking floors is one of the fastest and easiest ways to direct behavior and create visual communication in your work environment. Not only will floor markings communicate what is supposed to happen, you will reinforce the standards in your workplace.

5S Facilitator Guide

5S is a valuable tool to organize and create standards in your workplace.  The challenge lies in finding the right tools to implement and sustain your improvements.  This webinar will provide a brief overview of 5S and detail best practice ideas to jump start or restart your program.

Do-It-Yourself Visual Management

So what is Visual Management?  We define it as an environment that speaks for itself.  That means all of the repeated questions that are asked every hour, day or week disappear.  Instead of people answering the questions, the workplace answers them.

Standard Work

Standard work gives us the baseline for creating improvement.  In order to create a culture of improvement we must agree on the way in which want to work.  Standard work creates that agreement in our workplaces and allows us to see opportunities for improvement.

Visual Dashboards

Learn how to implement effective visual dashboards that will drive improvement through information sharing. Empower your team with data they need to reveal opportunities and continuously improve.

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