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Tools that Generate Sustainable Results with Visual Management

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Why Visual Management?

Virtually every successful organization has leveraged Visual Management to help improve:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Increase shareholder value
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Maintain strong financial performance

A strong visual management system drives the continuous culture and rate of improvement. While aligned with the right management and leadership practices, visual systems define the standard to which we operate and measure ourselves against.

Why is this methodology so challenging for many organizations to implement?

In order to successfully create a visual workplace, you must educate your team about the principles of visual management and provide them with the right tools. By integrating Visual Management into your culture, you will improve your company’s ability to see opportunities for improvement and sustain the results.

Principles of Visual Management

To create a culture of continuous improvement, there are 5 principles of Visual Management that must be understood while providing your team with the right tools to create the visual systems.

  1. Visual Management – Driving Employee Engagement
  2. Workplace Organization – Beginning to See
  3. Visual Displays – Exposing Problems and Waste
  4. Visual Controls – Creating Real Time-Feedback
  5. Visual Problem Solving – Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement Tools for Visual Management


Visual Management – Driving Employee Engagement

Visual Management is the foundation that will engage your employees to see opportunities for improvement and sustain the results.

  • A culture of improvement and sustainable results can only be realized when your team is fully engaged.
  • Engagement starts with a commitment to solve problems.
  • Sustainment relies on a competence in our people, so once problems are exposed they are willing and able to solve them.


Workplace Organization – Beginning to See

The idea is to evaluate and touch everything in the workplace and learn to see if it is truly a part of the process. You must determine how often you use it, at what frequency and whether it belongs where it is. This process creates an organized and safe workplace that team members take pride in. Once we have created standards for organization you can take the next step and begin to use visual devices to measure your processes and drive improvement.

5S Workplace Organization...

  • Scan to see the process
  • Sort to begin to expose waste in the process
  • Simplify to begin to define abnormal conditions
  • Sweep to make the workplace cleaner, safer and more productive
  • Safety to respect people
Create Scoreboard Data Accountability

A visual workplace can answer the who, what, where, when, why and how by eliminating missing information.


Visual Displays – Exposing Problems and Waste

Exposing problems and waste everywhere through visual displays needs to be part of your cultural blueprint. It is impacted by what we accept, tolerate and reinforce. People should be doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reason, even when no one is watching.

Visual displays...

  • Standardize work
  • Answer repeated questions
  • Share information

How much time and money is spent searching and answering repeated questions due to missing information?

Gauge Marking Vinyl


Visual Controls – Creating Real-Time Feedback

Visual Controls are key to creating real-time feedback and are also an important component of Continuous Improvement and performance management. They trigger action!

Visual controls...

  • Communicate normal and abnormal situations at-a-glance
  • Incorporate corrective action
  • Provide feedback

Engage employees, evaluate processes and drive improvements with Visual Management tools.

Kanban Board


Visual Problem Solving – Continuous Improvement

The focus of visual problem solving is to establish a problem solving framework. This framework must then become the foundation of huddle meetings and is used for data collection that drive action plans. Scoreboards are used to display the data and visually link information throughout the organization establishing a communication rhythm.

What are your problem solving tools?

  • Is the data you collect aligned with business strategies?
  • Audit the effectiveness of your Scorecards
  • Provide feedback

The correct application of a visual system is how the operation speaks to us and tells us what is going well and what is not.

5 Why's

What’s in Your Visual Management Tool Box?

Discover the Visual Sign Shop – the Right Tool to Support Visual Management!

The Visual Sign Shop®is an affordable tool that gives you the ability to MAKE YOUR OWN professional, custom signs of all sizes to support safety, 5S, Lean programs and other departments within your facility.

Make Your Own...

  • Signs on demand
  • Signs of all sizes
  • Signs inexpensively

“The Visual Sign Shop system gives you the ability to produce a sign in a couple of minutes with what you want it to say and the way you want it to look.”

–Chris, GBMP


Make Signs & Visuals to Support Your Entire Facility!

  • Floor Graphics
  • Tool Shadows
  • 5S Locators
  • Magnetic Labels
  • Office Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Facility Signs
  • Directory Signs
  • Key Performance Boards
  • Visual Management Boards
  • Company Promotions
  • Banners
Image of 'The Visual Sign Shop' product - Turning handmade, laminated, or label-printed papers into professional signs.

Advantages of The Visual Sign Shop®

75% less than outsourcing

Easy to use
Includes everything you need to get started immediately

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Make signs on demand at the point of use

High quality and professional
Signs add credibility to your message

Signs of all sizes
Large and small format to communicate quickly and effectively

Want to Learn More About The Visual Sign Shop?

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