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Virtual Safety Projectors

Display Safety Messages Visibly and Maintenance Free

Enhance facility safety with Visual Workplace Virtual Safety Projectors. Our bright LED walkways, symbols, signs, and signals dramatically increase pedestrian safety and engage workers.

  • Increase pedestrian safety with bright LED walkways
  • Engage and inform workers effectively
  • Eliminate tape and paint replacement hassles

Our projectors offer:

  • High-contrast LED walkways for efficient traffic flow
  • Extended LED life rated at 75,000 hours, surpassing competitors
  • Maintenance-free solutions for walkways, symbols, signs, and signals

Explore the selector guide by clicking the image below!

Virtual Selector Guide w/ 75,000 Hours guarantee

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Virtual LED Safety Line


Virtual Safety LED Sign Small-Med. Images


Virtual Safety LED Symbols Large Images


Virtual Safety LED Walkway Small-Med. Images


Crane Safety LED Light Single Line


Virtual Safety LED Symbols Small-Med. Images


Forklift LED Safety Light Single Line

MSRP:  $285.66

Virtual Safety LED Sign Large Images


Virtual Safety LED Walkway Large Images


Single LED Dock Line Projector

MSRP:  $667.11

25W Virtual Safety Projector Sensor Kits


Virtual Safety LED Walkway Large Multicolor Images


Virtual Safety LED Sign Multi Color


Power plug

Power Plug

MSRP:  $12.91

Magnetic Mount


Crane Safety Spotlight Projector

Crane Safety LED Spotlight Projector


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