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Virtual Safety Projectors

Display Safety Messages Visibly and Maintenance Free

Visual Workplace Virtual Safety Projectors will help you create a visually safe facility with Lines, Walkways, Symbols, Signs, Forklift and Crane Safety Lights.

  • Dramatically Increase Pedestrian Safety
  • Engage & Inform Workers
  • Eliminate Replacing Tape & Paint

–      Bright LED walkways offer high contrast to direct pedestrians and forklift traffic
–      LED life rated at 75,000 – compared to other products at 30,000
–      Provides maintenance free walkways, symbols, signs and signals

–      Eliminates the need to repaint, replace floor tape, labels, and symbols
–      Ideal for high traffic areas

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Virtual Selector Guide w/ 75k guarantee

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Virtual Safety Line

Virtual LED Safety Line

MSRP:  $644.11

Virtual Safety Sign 25W

Virtual Safety LED Sign 25W


Virtual Safety LED Symbols


Virtual Safety Projector Sensor Kits


Virtual Safety LED Symbols EX & EXT


Power plug

Power Plug

MSRP:  $12.91

Virtual Safety Projector Magnetic Mount

Magnetic Mount

MSRP:  $49.95

Laser Dock 2-Line System

MSRP:  $1,449.15

Laser Walkway Lines

MSRP:  $1,011.27

Forklift Safety Light Single Line

Forklift LED Safety Light Single Line

MSRP:  $285.66

Virtual Safety Walkway

Virtual Safety LED Walkway, 25W


Crane Safety Light Single Line

Crane Safety LED Light Single Line


Crane Safety Spotlight Projector

Crane Safety LED Spotlight Projector

MSRP:  $720.36

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