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Forklift LED Safety Light Single Line

Visually alert pedestrians to forklift traffic

Virtual Safety Walkways are a highly visible, cost-effective alternative to conventional floor marking tape. Use to clearly define walkways, aisles and lanes and reconfigure easily without surface preparation. Install multiple projectors to create continual illuminated pathways to identify safe pedestrian walkways. LED walkways are easy to set up without surface preparation, re-taping and repainting. Communicate standards by adding Virtual Safety Symbols to walkways. Walkway length is determined by mounting height.

  • Bright LED line offers high contrast to direct pedestrians and forklift traffic
  • LED life rated at 75,000 – compared to other products at 30,000
  • Provides maintenance free lines and walkways
  • Eliminates the need to repaint or re-stripe floor tape
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Mounting brackets sold separately.

Forklift drivers need to use utmost caution near blind corners, doorways and narrow aisles. It is their job to alert pedestrians to their presence. Reinforce alerts with vivid Safety Forklift Projectors to remind drivers of safety protocols.

Approximately 11% of forklifts in the US will be involved in an accident each year. If your facility has 10 or more forklifts, there is a good chance one will be involved in an accident this year.

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MSRP:  $285.66


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Weight N/A
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623 Cardinal Red, 634 Blue

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