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Make vs. Buy?

Calculate your money and time savings by designing and printing custom signs using The Visual Sign Shop.

Is the Sign Shop right for you?

  • Do you use tools such as printers, laminators and label makers to create visual controls, communications or signs in your facility?
  • Do you purchase signs from an outside supplier for safety, operations or continuous improvement?
  • Do you have challenges such as cost, timing, and quality when purchasing these signs from an outside source?
  • Do you create or purchase any other type of performance or metric boards in your facility?
  • Do you ever have the need for promotional banners or signs?

Instead of buying your signs from an outside resource, use The Visual Sign Shop to quickly and easily make you own signs, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Visual Sign Shop can save you time and money and allow you to make just the right sign for each requirement.  Use the ROI calculator below to determine your savings.

See how others have saved money using the Visual Sign Shop

Click on the customers below to learn more about how the Visual Sign Shop helped their facility:


Ventra, a division of Flex-N-Gate


L3Harris Combat Propulsion Systems


Southwest Cheese Company LLC


Magna Mirrors of America


Cost to Make a Sign

Material Cost
Per Avg Sign
5 minute avg time per sq/ft of sign
Average Sq/Ft per Sign Total Cost
Per Sign
${{totalMaterialSqft}} ${{totalLabor.toFixed(2)}} {{sqft}} ${{totalMakeYourself.toFixed(2)}}

Vinyl Cost/Sqft: $1.09 + Signboard Cost/SqFt: $1.59 = $2.68

Cost to Purchase Sign

Material Cost
Per Average Sign
Labor Average Sq/Ft per Sign Total
${{msrpTotalMaterialCost.toFixed(2)}} $0.00 {{sqft}} ${{msrpTotalMaterialCost.toFixed(2)}}

Average Cost/Sqft to purchase a sign = $13.25

Return on Investment

Annual Cost to Purchase Signs Externally:


Initial Visual Sign Shop Investment:

${{proposed ? proposed.toFixed(2) : ''}}

Material for 64 Signs Included in Purchase Price:


Equipment Investment:


Payback on Equipment (Months):


Intangible Cost Savings Resulting From Visual Management Methods


  • Standardized visual communication and consistent business practices and procedures.
  • Worker accountability by defining normal vs. abnormal.
  • Workplace organization and employee moral.
  • Capacity of existing machinery and processes.


  • Safety by reinforcing standard procedures visually.
  • Inventory control by creating visual kanbans.
  • Quality control by placing instructions at the point of use.
  • Production control by displying hourly goal to actual performance.


  • Of transportation and motion with visual systems.
  • Of workspace and personnel requirements.
  • Of work related accidents.
  • Of time seeking information.

Ready to revolutionize your workplace signage?

Purchase Now and unlock the potential of 'The Visual Sign Shop' today!

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