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Single Point Lessons

Single Point Lessons

Download any or all of our informative articles to help you become visually lean

We have collected an array of articles that offer a variety of continuous improvement ideas and information. You will also find information written by others that we found worth sharing. These articles will provide insights and tips regarding: Visual Management, Safety, 5S and other Lean applications.

Get Visually Lean with Quck & Simple Single Point Lessons

Process Control with Visual Signals

Process Control with Visual Signals

When you are on a Gemba walk and walk up to a finished goods quality hold area, can you tell at a glance what department is responsible for what?

Organizing Your Workplace – Set in order

Organizing Your Workplace – Set In Order

Is there really such as thing as too much 5S in your facility? Nah!

Information At A Glance_

Information at a Glance

Are your scrap areas over-run with material? Who is responsible for disposition or repair? Learn how a simple identification technique can create accountability and reduce scrap.

Visual Reorder Point

Visual Re-Order Point

See how one company stopped running out of packaging by using color coded flags to signal material handlers.

How Can Color Direct Behavior

How Can Color Direct Behavior?

Pink became the color of choice to reduce loss of hardhats at this facility.

Create Scoreboard Data Accountability

Create Scoreboard Data Accountability

Can you tell at glance who is responsible for each scoreboard in your facility? One quick tip can change that!

Create Dry Erase Boards Using Plexiglass

Create Dry Erase Boards Using Plexiglass!

Using Visual Management to create real-time feedback and a culture of continuous improvement and performance management.

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