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Visual Management Solutions

The 7 Pillars of Visual Management

Visual Management Fundamentals

Establish Visual Management as the core foundation of problem solving to uncover hidden waste. To successfully implement Visual Management, learn and understand the seven pillars that build a platform for successful implementation and execution. These Visual Management principles bring discipline to the problem-solving process as well as instill a culture of employee engagement.

Visual Fundamentals - Leadership
  • Define standard work for leaders
  • Utilize problem-solving tools
  • Establish reward and recognition programs that build engagement
Visual Management Fundamentals - Workplace
  • Create organization and cleanliness
  • Promote identity and product solutions
  • Construct a culture of organization and discipline
Visual Management Fundamentals - Work Instructions
  • Decrease process variability
  • Create repeatable and effective new employee onboarding
  • Reduce injuries and strain
  • Establish a baseline for improvement activities
Visual Management Fundamentals - Scoreboards
  • Ensure that process performance is meeting expected targets
  • Easily identify abnormalities and deviations and respond in a timely manner
  • Align key performance indicators with business strategies
Visual Management Fundamentals - Process
  • Label tools and gauges and assign a designated location
  • Track production metrics to actual performance at the point of use
  • Clearly display quality standards
Visual Management Fundamentals - Safety
  • Reinforce safety standards
  • Define personal protective equipment requirements
  • Monitor safety performance and identify opportunities for improvement
Visual Management Fundamentals
  • Communicate inventory requirements
  • Clearly identify inventory by single storage locators
  • Identify material status by color code
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