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Product Description

DIY Foam Tool Organizer Kit

  • Organize your tools and eliminate time spent searching with custom foam tool organizers
  • Quickly identifies missing tools at a glance
  • Colors: Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Yellow
  • Black: 1/2” thick, Blue, Red, Yellow: 1/4” thick
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) provides secure placement to contrasting ¼” foam
  • 4lb cross-link, closed-cell foam
  • Includes adhesive tracing paper, eliminating tracing mark on foam

Create tool control with Do-It-Yourself foam tool organizers. Foam Tool Organizers are a two-piece closed-cell foam kit with three contrasting color combinations to quickly identify when tools are not in their proper place.

Place the tracing paper over the ½” Black foam and trace each tool. Use an Exacto, utility knife or hot foam knife to cut your tool shapes. Remove PSA line from Black foam and attach to contrasting ¼” foam. Can be placed in drawers or on racks to organize tools at the point of use. Need a custom size? Call for pricing.

Benefits of Tool Control

  • Provides visual process documentation
  • Reduces process variability
  • Eliminates time spent searching and wasted motion
  • Creates an asset management system
  • Reduces tool replacement costs
  • Simplifies operator training
  • Reduces injuries and strain with proper tool placement
  • Establishes a baseline for improvement activities


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