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5S Red Tags

5S Red Tags are used in the 5S workplace organization method, particularly in the “Sort” step. They are employed to identify items that are unnecessary or out of place in a specific area. By tagging these items, workers can easily see what should be removed, relocated, or discarded. 5S red tags help declutter the workspace, organize items more efficiently, and improve workflow. The tags are a simple yet effective tool for maintaining organization and cleanliness in various work environments.

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5S Red Tags, 50ct. - Peel and Stick

5S Red Tags, 50ct.

MSRP:  $19.82

5S Red Tag Board, 24" x 36"

5S Red Tag Board, 24″ x 36″

MSRP:  $90.63

5S Red Tag Area

5S Sign: 5s Red Tag Checkmark

MSRP:  $60.42

5S Signs - Designated Red Tag

5S Sign: Designated Red Tag

MSRP:  $27.91

5S Signs - 5S Red Tag Center

5S Signs – 5S Red Tag Center

MSRP:  $27.91

5S Signs - 5S Red Tag

5S Sign: 5S Red Tag

MSRP:  $27.91

5S Signs - Tag All Items

5S Sign: Tag All Items

MSRP:  $27.91

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