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Healthcare Signs

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0-10 Pain Scale

0-10 Scale Of Pain Severity


Emergency Evacuation Chair


Projection Sign - Automated External Defibrillator (AED) - A sign showing the life-saving device used to restore heart rhythm.

Acrylic 90D Projecting Safety Sign .118″, 8″x8″, AED First Aid, Red/Green

MSRP:  $18.54

Stop Before Leaving Your Workstation

Stop Before & After Work, Sanitize


Notice Belongings Unattended Sign

OSHA Notice: Please Do Not Leave Your Belongings Unattended


Be Smart - Do Your Part

Be Smart Do Your Part


Latex Free Vinyl Decal & Sign

Latex-Free: No Latex in this Area!


Don't Litter, Dispose Correctly - Mask Glove Icon

Don’t Litter Dispose Correctly


Notice Lab Room Do Not Enter

Notice: Lab Room Do Not Enter


Security Notice Lab Area

Security Notice: Laboratory Area Authorized Personnel


Sorry Restroom Out of Order

Sorry Restroom Out Of Order


Danger Laser in Operation

OSHA Danger: Laser In Operation


Self Check In Sign

Before Entering Self Check-In Here


AED sign with white and green slash, indicating the Automatic External Defibrillator for safety purposes.

AED, Green/White Diagonal


A Safety Sign pointing right, indicating the location of an AED automated external defibrillator with an arrow, icon, and the letters AED.

AED, White Arrow/Yellow


A Safety Sign indicating about the AED and that its only for emergency use only. Alarms would sound if it opens

AED Emergency Use Only Alarm Will Sound If Opened


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