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Tool Shadow Tape

Create Do-It-Yourself Tool Shadows

Tool Shadow Tape

Use Shadow-Mark® tool shadow tape to put an end to misplaced tools and other items in your workplace. Trace each item on to the back of Shadow-Mark tape and cut out the traced shapes using scissors. Remove the paper backing and place the shadow in the designated location. You will have a professional looking shadow board that supports 5S, Lean initiatives and overall workplace organization.

Shadow-Mark tool shadow tape is great for quality inspection processes, setup and process changeover, cleaning stations, medical instrument setup, break rooms, offices, mail rooms, maintenance areas and more.

  • Quickly identify missing tools
  • Sustain workplace organization
  • Create quality tool shadow boards
  • Save time with Pre-Cut Tool Shadows
  • Color-code everything
  • Apply to metal, plastic, glass, desktops and pegboard

How to Cut Out Tool Shadows

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Black Tool Shadow Tape

Shadow-Mark® Tool Shadow Tape – Black

MSRP:  $46.07

Shadow-Mark® Tool Shadow Tape – Blue

MSRP:  $46.07

Shadow-Mark® Tool Shadow Tape – Orange

MSRP:  $46.07

Shadow-Mark® Tool Shadow Tape – White

MSRP:  $46.07

Shadow-Mark® Tool Shadow Tape – Red

MSRP:  $46.07

Shadow-Mark® Tool Shadow Tape – Green

MSRP:  $46.07

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