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Material Handling Cart

Colored coded carts work well with lean manufacturing and 5S. Colors have been assigned in accordance with most common uses for these carts – however you can use any color, for any use, your company may need. Heavy duty carts created for durability and a long lasting performance. Add a custom decal and customize your cart. Ordering is easy!

  • Add custom decal to your material cart
  • Send us an Excel or Word document with your layout requirements
  • We will send you a proof to approve
  • We print and ship it.


  • Sizes: 24″ x 32″ & 32″ x 36″
  • Powder coated surface for long lasting durability
  • Modular heavy duty steel frame
  • 5″ swivel locking casters
  • 200lbs. maximum weight capacity
  • Add a custom decal to specify function and ownership


    • Kanban
    • Shipping
    • Non-Conforming Material
    • Rework
    • Work-In Progress

Kanban Cart (various colors)
Provide opportunities to reduce handling and storage costs while controlling inventory with Kanban carts.

Material Handling Cart (gray)
Make it easy to move equipment and supplies with a cart dedicated for that use.

Shipping Cart (white)
Easily identify what needs to be shipped, and by what carrier, with shipping carts.

Rework Cart (orange)
Keep rework parts segregated with a rework cart. The rework cart is sturdy enough to use as mobile work station.

Non-Conforming Material Cart (red)
Once the material is identified, use the Non-Conforming Material Cart to segregate the material to be analyzed and reviewed.

Work In-Process Cart (green)
Designed to move material from operation to another. Providing a method of transporting and storing work in process or used to signal production.

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