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Virtual LED Floor Sign Projectors

Create a Safe & Lean Work Environment with Virtual Sign Projectors

Are You Constantly Repainting Floor Signs or Replacing Safety Floor Lines? 

Visual Workplace has Virtual Sign Projectors that help you decrease costs and improve safety compliance.

Why Create Smart Floors with Virtual Sign Projectors?

OSHA requires that permanent aisles and walkways be free from obstructions and appropriately marked where mechanical handling equipment is used.

And costs can exceed $180,000 in medical, legal, OSHA fines, plus time and profit lost in downtime, employee morale, and production loss.

Are you effectively managing your facilities compliance and safety of your employees?

There are high costs associated with injuries without marked aisle ways. And, high costs associated with replacing adhesive or painted floor markings.

Virtual Sign Projectors are important to mark:

  • Traffic routes for both pedestrian and forklifts, especially high traffic & emergency areas: walkways, intersections, corners, borders, exits, and stairwells.

  • Hazardous areas: chemicals and electrical.

  • Machinery areas for both stationary and mobile machines.

  • Divide spaces: product, materials, and cleaning supplies.

Benefits of Virtual Safety Projection Solutions vs. Adhesive Tap or Painted Floor Markings_cover_900x1165

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Manufacturing Floor Plan - Custom Signs & Visual Workplace Communications
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