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Dry Erase Overlays

How do you get the graphics you need for your dry erase boards?

If you are like most, your graphics are hand-made and take an enormous amount of time to create! We have a simple, inexpensive way to create full-color; dynamic dry erase boards… Dry Erase Overlays. We will custom print your design on a durable acrylic overlay that is framed with a magnetic or non-magnetic strip which simply attaches to your dry board. If the information becomes obsolete, or changes — just order a new overlay. No need to buy another dry erase board. Your board stays in its original condition without hours of prep time and additional cost to replace it.

Ordering is easy!

  • Send us an Excel or Word document with your layout requirements
  • We will send you a proof to approve
  • We print and ship it.

This is a great option for creating a multi-functional asset while still utilizing dry erase boards that are already in place. Because our overlays are custom made, you get what you want – the way you want it!

Dry Erase Overlays will save time and reduce costs while engaging your team to collect the data needed.

Custom Dry Erase Overlays

Custom Dry Erase Overlays

Dry Erase Overlays are printed with your graphics on a thin, durable acrylic film with a magnetic or non-magnetic frame that attaches to your dry erase board. No more hand-made graphics! These overlays can be used on your existing dry erase boards saving you time and money.

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Pre-Printed Dry Erase Overlays

Pre-Printed Dry Erase Overlays

In order to improve processes we need to measure performance against the standard. Pre-printed dry erase boards will assist your team in understanding the standard and improving the process. Our pre-printed dry erase boards are printed on Plexiglass, which is a durable, long-lasting, non-magnetic material. Many designs to choose from or we can create a custom one for no additional charge!

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Magnetic Document Holders

Magnetic Document Holders

Display information at the point of use while protecting your documents. Document holders are ideal for color-coding and emphasizing critical information at a glance. Changing documents is easy with the oversized dimensions.

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