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Dry Erase Board Overlays

Eliminate Messy Data on Dry Erase Boards with Dry Erase Overlays

Dry Erase Board Overlays

If you are like most, your graphics are hand-made and take an enormous amount of time to create! We have a simple, inexpensive way to create full-color; dynamic dry erase boards… Dry Erase Board Overlays.

We will custom print your design on a durable acrylic overlay that is framed with a magnetic or non-magnetic strip which simply attaches to your dry board. If the information becomes obsolete, or changes — just order a new overlay. No need to buy another dry erase board. Your board stays in its original condition without hours of prep time and additional cost to replace it.

  • Magnetic and non-magnetic options
  • Apply directly to existing dry erase boards
  • 100% Customizable at no extra cost
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Don’t see a dry erase overlay that fits your needs? Let us design a custom overlay for you.

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KPI Boxes

KPI Boxes, 48″x 72″


Problem Solving Tool

Problem Solving Tool, 36″x 48″


Kaizen Problem Solver

Kaizen Problem Solver, 36″x 48″


5S Communication Board

5S Communication Board, 48″x 36″


5 Whys Grid

5 Whys Grid, 36″x 48″


5 Whys Boxes

5 Whys Boxes, 36″x 48″


War on Waste

War on Waste, 24″x 36″


Problem Statement

Problem Statement, 24″x 36″


KPI Color Section

KPI Color Section, 24″x 36″


Gemba Questions

Gemba Questions, 24″x 36″


Fishbone - Question

Fishbone – Questions, 24″x 36″


Calendar Notes

Calendar-Notes, 24″x 36″


Month Calendar

Month Calendar, 24″x 24″


War on Waste

War on Waste, 24″x 36″


Injury Map, 36″ x 48″


Leadership Actions Board, 36″ x 48″


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